Narrative Outline


Local vs. Global

+Global information is critical to the creation of the local information.  An organism must be devised that accepts the global information and distributes it in conjunction with the local knowledge.

+Development of economy


Guatemala, once a primarily rural country has become predominately urban due to the population growth.  The agriculture dominated 2011 economy has been disrupted due to the urban expansion and those people once living on farmland have moved to the cities to find work.  These people move to the informal settlements where cost of living is at a minimum.  The informal settlements of Guatemala City expand and multiply.  There is a lack of connection through the use of transportation networks, services, and educational centers in the informal networks as well as an overwhelming amount of people so much so that information gets clogged in the system.


Increased interconnectivity and interdependence between cities and countries because of the decreased time for information, goods, and resources to be passed.  The reliance on natural resources is shifting.  It is a critical point where technology and research must change to accommodate alternative systems in order to maintain the world as it is in 2048.  Transnational corporations control the majority of sponsored research and do not support the alternative system thus independent research is essential.


+Parasitic: in terms of growth and its distribution networks as well as the way in which it feeds upon every area of the city’s inhabitants and economy



+Relationship between channel and apparatus


Transportation – public transit and travelers are informal

Pedestrian – informal travelers


Kit of parts?  Existent at nodes and as part of apparatus?

People help move the information by the available assembly of pieces.

Pieces can be composed to become vehicles of transportation?


Hierarchy of nodes?

Each node has a specialization


+In 2048 the concept of time has a new norm.  Everything travels at a much faster pace, information, people, goods, services.  Not only is everything produced faster but everyone demands faster results.  Global information can be obtained at near instantaneous rates and local information has a hard time competing.

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