Seeper is an arts and technology collective. Founded in 1998 seeper’s nucleus is the pursuit of essence. Exploring natural user interaction and ubiquitous computing to create multi-sensory experiences and memories.

The integration of computers into our lives has seen us learn and develop physical skills and languages centered around the use of devices such as the mouse and the keyboard. Now we have the opportunity to reflect on this history and realise that we can interact with computers in much more intuitive and expressive ways. At seeper we are exploring the use of gestural air and touch integration to allow a new range of interfaces devices and experiences for users.

As one of the final events for the Vimeo Festival + Awards, and thanks to the generous support of the new Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid, you are getting treated to some of the most technologically advanced eye candy in the world. If you’ve never seen projection mapping before then you are in for a sweet, sweet surprise. Seeper, the talent behind Battle of Branchage will be bending minds with a projection performance that will transform the facade of the iconic Frank Gehry designed IAC building in ways you never thought possible.

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