Network Institutional Exchange

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Network Institutional Exchange

This project uses the Dean Den to establish a dialogue between the External Institutional CLOUD archive (consisting of the information and histories of institutions outside of the RPI ARCH department) and the ARCH internal archive. The goal is to create a system that increases collaboration and the spread of information throughout the RPI Architecture building and across institutions and disciplines.

The ARCH internal archive catalogues the thoughts and work of the ARCH student body. Curated by the Dean, the External archive is gathered through the connections of the dean. These connections are compiled and exhibited in periodic displays. Using the ARCH internal archive as a feedback system, the Dean can respond appropriately by observing reactions and trends of the student body, allowing him to curate and exhibit the external archive according to the needs and desires of the student body. We are looking to expand the Dean’s role as an ambassador for the School of Architecture.

The gallery screens recieve direct input from the Dean’s external archive. These screens are under the Dean’s discretion. Collaborations across disciplines and cultures occur within this space.

The entry and facade system performs differently according to the conditions of the research lab/gallery. Differences in the objects displayed, transparency, wall positions, and interactivity are determined by use groups.

The interactive screens are used to provide feedback to the Dean. This feedback includes the value judgements of students on the Dean’s exhibitions, current trends among the student body, and the student’s current studio progress. These screens are also used by students to access the external and internal archives.

A system of screens is used to display information between students, the dean, faculty, and foreign parties. The position and display of these screens is used to generate connections between the individual work of the students and other individuals (or institutions) inside and outside the ARCH building.

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