RPI CLOUD Thesis Group 2010-11

Advanced Materials, Distributed Institutions and Ubiquity/Synchronicity.

Latest Work

STAR Constellations STAR ConstellationsJenPlume + PROJECTS + undefined

Esther Kang _ Final Presentation Esther Kang _ Final PresentationBlog + Esther Kang + PROJECTS

Guillot_Final Presentation Guillot_Final PresentationPROJECTS + RachelGuillot

Silent Swarm Silent Swarmundefined

Augmented (Hyper)Reality Augmented (Hyper)RealityBlog

Cloaking Crystal Cloaking CrystalBlog

Self-healing sticky gel Self-healing sticky gelBlog

Living PlanIT Living PlanITBlog

Wings WingsBlog

Living Light Living LightBlog

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